Monday, February 18, 2008

Talking about Feds: Druglords launder cash via Miami airport - Americas-

Feds: Druglords launder cash via Miami airport - Americas-
$11 million seized at airport believed to be part of massive scheme

MIAMI - Every day, American Airlines Flight 914 takes off from Bogota, Colombia, at 8:20 a.m. and touches down at the Miami airport at noon. Among the items typically in the jet's cargo hold are bags and bags of euros that investigators say are part of a huge $1.4 billion cocaine money-laundering scheme.

Crime is happening right on schedule in Miami, almost every day, federal prosecutors say. But so far, despite nearly four years of investigation, they have apparently been unable to build a strong enough case to stop it.

Instead, they are attacking the problem piecemeal. The U.S. Justice Department this week went to federal court in Miami seeking forfeiture of nearly $11 million seized last June and July by federal agents, who used drug-sniffing dogs to find cocaine residue on some of the cash.

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