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Roger Waters The Wall Live - the final few bricks

Roger Waters The Wall Live - the final few bricks

2012 Wall Tour
Roger Waters 2010 close-upRoger Waters will be performing The Wall in various parts of the world during 2012, and all confirmed dates are shown below.
The band is as 2010, and 2011, and includes Snowy White and Dave Kilminster, and an all-male backing vocal. The show includes state of the art staging, with the focus being a 240 foot wide by 35 foot high wall, which is constructed (and demolished) during the concert, and new, crystal clear projections and redesigned inflatables and puppets. For the larger/outdoor stadia used in some countries the staging is FAR larger - check out the reports below from South America to get an idea just how big. These incredible shows form what is expected to be Roger's last tour. Also, we get emailed a lot with requests for backstage passes. We cannot get these for you, so please don't ask!
This page is your ideal starting point for information, pictures, reviews and more for each of the shows Roger performs in 2012. Simply click on the show(s) that you want to know more about... as time goes on, each show page will build to hopefully provide a really comprehensive resource!
All information provided is in good faith, and researched to the best of our abilities. However, we can take no responsibility for any errors in the information, and would urge you to check any vital information with the venue itself - and to this end, we provide, wherever possible, links to official sites for the venues, ticket agents, etc.. Any additional info or corrections gratefully received.
BRAIN DAMAGE NEEDS YOU! We want to cover the concerts the best we can, to share the experience with everyone, especially those who won't be able to attend the shows. We welcome your comments about the show(s) you have attended, ANY pictures (official, professional, newspaper and unofficial), tickets scans, posters, reviews, newspaper reports, set lists and anything else you can help with. We look forward to hearing from you!
We will do our best to acknowledge and use whatever you send in, but please note that it might not be possible to include everything. We may have to edit or exclude reports, or reduce the size of some pictures where appropriate. Please also note that reports will include mention of songs performed and other details of the shows. As with any contribution from others, opinions and comments made by individuals in their reviews are not necessarily the same as those held by Brain Damage.




McCartney Shoots Back Up Rock Rich List

McCartney Shoots Back Up Rock Rich List:
His marriage adds £170m to bank balance as U2 make £59m, Roger Waters makes £15m and Ringo brings in £10m since last year – and U2 remain richest band on the planet.
Paul McCartney’s marriage to Nancy Shevell has secured the ex-Beatle’s position at the top of the Sunday Times rock rich list, as their combined value hit £665m.
His 2008 divorce from Heather Mills saw his fortune drop to £495m but Shevell, from a transport magnate family, has helped add £170m to their bank account.
And U2 remain the richest band on Earth after adding £59m to their combined total, giving them a total of £514m.
The rock list is built from the 24th edition of the Sunday Times Rich List, published this weekend in a 104-page magazine with the newspaper. It’s based on identifiable wealth including land, property and shares – but doesn’t include bank accounts since that information is private.
Elton John brought in £25m, although most of it will be income from his pop career. Roger Waters, currently touring his final version of The Wall, has made £15m over the past 12 months – although his Pink Floyd bandmates David Gilmour and Nick Mason have seen no change to their fortunes.
Ringo Starr made £10m while Queen’s recent activities saw Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon all earn £5m.
Surprisingly, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appear to have seen no financial benefits from their last year in the headlines, remaining steady with £95m.
But while none of the rich rockers have anything to worry about financially, none of them comes close to being the wealthiest person in the UK: steel mogul Lakshmi Mittal is worth £17.5bn. And the richest person in the music industry is record company boss Clive Calder, with a fortune of £1.35bn.
Only two new names appear in this year’s music industry list: Spotify boss Daniel Ek, who’s worth £190m, and Beggars Group chief Martin Mills, who has £55m.
Top rock earners 2011-12
1. Paul McCartney / Nancy Shevell: £170m

2. U2: £59m

3. Elton John: £25m

4. Roger Waters: £15m

5. Olivia / Dhani Harrison: £10m

5. Ringo Starr: £10m

7. Eric Clapton: £5m

7. Rod Stewart: £5m

7. Brian May: £5m

7. Roger Taylor: £5m

7. John Deacon: £5m

12. Mark Knopfler: £3m
Rock rich list 2011-12 (with last year’s figure)
1. Paul McCartney / Nancy Shevell: £665m (£495m)

2. U2: £514m (£455m)

3. Elton John: £220m (£195m)

4. Mick Jagger: £190m (£190m)

5. Olivia and Dhani Harrison: £180m (£170m)

5. Sting: £180m (£180m)

7. Keith Richards: £175m (£175m)

8. Ringo Starr: £160m (£150m)

9. Eric Clapton: £130m (£125m)

10. Rod Stewart: £120m (£115m)

10. Roger Waters: £120m (£105m)

12. Phil Collins: £115m (£115m)

13. David Bowie: £100m (£100m)

14. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne: £95m (£95m)

15. Brian May: £90m (£85m)

15. David Gilmour: £85m (£85m)

15. Roger Taylor: £85m (£80m)

15. Charlie Watts: £85m (£85m)

19. Robert Plant: £80m (£80m)

20. Jimmy Page: £75m (£75m)

21. John Deacon: £70m (£65m)

22. Mark Knopfler: £65m (£62m)

22. Nick Mason: £55m (£55m)

24. Brian Johnson: £50m (£50m)

24. Van Morrison: £50m (£50m)

Looking back at the Lyrids

Looking back at the Lyrids:

Jeff Berkes Photography
A Lyrid meteor leaves a streak in the skies over Shenandoah National Park in Virginia on the morning of April 20.
By Alan Boyle
Can you spot the meteor? Last weekend's Lyrid meteor shower produced lots of memorable pictures, as you can see in's meteor gallery. But in Jeff Berkes' photograph, taken at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, the shooting star is just one little brushstroke in a cosmic masterpiece.
The Milky Way's spray of stars stretches across the backdrop, and a gnarled tree stands in the spotlight that Berkes created using a technique called "light painting." It's the same technique Berkes used to great effect in last October's picture of the Orionid meteor shower.
Berkes said last weekend's Lyrid shooting session wasn't exactly a walk in the park: "Being out that night, things got a little hairy ... literally! A black bear approached us around 11 p.m. one night, but left without any issues. ... I saw a bunch of Lyrids that night, but only captured a few faint ones with my camera. I used a Nikon D3 DSLR. It was great to view the Lyrids under a new moon and from one of my favorite national parks."
The timing couldn't be better: This week is National Park Week, and Saturday is celebrated as Astronomy Day. You can double the celebratory spirit by going skywatching in a park this weekend. To find out what's going on in your neck of the woods, check out the Astronomical League's event listings, or check in with your local astronomy club.
Where in the Cosmos
Jeff Berkes' look at the Lyrids served as today's "Where in the Cosmos" picture puzzle on the Cosmic Log Facebook Page. It took only a minute or two for Nanette Broyles to spot the meteor streak and figure out that the picture was taken during the Lyrid meteor shower. To reward her quickness, I'm sending her a pair of Microsoft Research 3-D glasses, plus a 3-D picture of yours truly. Keep an eye on Facebook for the next "Where in the Cosmos" picture in a week. And if you haven't spotted the meteor yet ... look above the tree, just to the right of center.
More meteor shots:

Peter Gabriel gives more blood with new Live Blood 2CD release

Peter Gabriel gives more blood with new Live Blood 2CD release: The blood is still pumping as Peter Gabriel releases Live Blood, a 2CD collection of live tracks recorded at The HMV Hammersmith Apollo over two nights in March 2011, with his New Blood Orchestra “no guitars, no drum kit”. For collectors … continue reading »

Space shuttle Enterprise takes a tour of New York City

Space shuttle Enterprise takes a tour of New York City:

Robert Markowitz / Getty Images via NASA
The space shuttle Enterprise, mounted atop a NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, flies near the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline, April 27, in New York City. Enterprise was the first shuttle orbiter built for NASA performing test flights in the atmosphere and was incapable of spaceflight. Originally housed at the Smithsonian's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Enterprise will be demated from the SCA and placed on a barge that will eventually be moved by tugboat up the Hudson River to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
The Space Shuttle Enterprise rides atop a NASA modified 747 plane over New York on April 27. The Space Shuttle Enterprise officially arrived in New York to be placed at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

Andrew Gombert / EPA
Visitors a the top of Rockefeller Center watch the Space Shuttle Enterprise, attached to a modified 747, as it flies over New York City before landing at John F Kennedy airport and eventually its new home at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York, New York , USA, on April 27.
Reuters reports -- The space shuttle Enterprise took off on Friday from Washington piggybacked atop a Boeing 747 bound for New York, where it was set to make a dramatic flight along the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty.
The United States retired its space shuttles last year after finishing construction of the $100 billion International Space Station, a 15-nation project, to begin work on a new generation of spaceships that can carry astronauts to destinations beyond the station's 240-mile-high orbit.
NASA has been flying the shuttles to cities around the nation for display.
Continue reading.
Related story: Space shuttle Enterprise takes off atop New York-bound jet

Julio Cortez / AP
Space shuttle Enterprise, riding on the back of the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, cruises over the New York City skyline as it makes its way to John F. Kennedy International Airport, seen from Union City, N.J., Friday, April 27, 2012. Enterprise is expected to go on display at the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum in New York.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
The Space Shuttle Enterprise rides atop a NASA modified 747 plane over New York on April 27. The Space Shuttle Enterprise officially arrived in New York to be placed at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

Mary Altaffer / AP
People watch from the balcony of a building as the space shuttle Enterprise, riding on the back of the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, cruises over the Hudson river, Friday, April 27, 2012 in New York. Enterprise is eventually going to make its new home in New York City at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images
Riding atop a 747 shuttle carrier aircraft, the space shuttle Enterprise flies past the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor on April 27, in New York City. Enterprise, which was flown from Washington, DC, will eventually be put on permanent display at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.
The space shuttle Enterprise left Dulles International Airport and arrived in New York this morning.'s Dara Brown reports.
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Interesting Star Trail Time-Lapse

Interesting Star Trail Time-Lapse:
This interesting star trail time-lapse by Samir Neffati is something that you don’t see too often. Now that time-lapse photography is becoming more mainstream, it’s neat to see some photographers trying new techniques.
(for those who care, the music does have a bit of language)

Bernie Wrightson's House of Mystery #193

Bernie Wrightson's House of Mystery #193:
Here's a scan of the original art by Bernie Wrightson for House of Mystery #193, cover dated July-August 1971. Below that is a scan of the published comic book cover.

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Send Files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and More From Windows' Right-Click Menu [Dropbox]

Send Files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and More From Windows' Right-Click Menu [Dropbox]:
If dragging and dropping is just a bit to slow for sending files to your cloud syncing service of choice, this little Windows trick will put it one click away. More »

New 3D Images Let Doctors See What Causes an Irregular Heartbeat [Medicine]

New 3D Images Let Doctors See What Causes an Irregular Heartbeat [Medicine]:
A healthy heart beats evenly as a metronome, sending oxygen-rich blood to your organs and appendages. But if your ticker's rhythm isn't so even, it can lead to fibrillation—rapid, unsynchronized contraction of the muscles that impedes the delivery of blood around the body. More »

30 Dark Stormy Cloud Pictures

30 Dark Stormy Cloud Pictures:
Nothing makes a landscape portrait quite as ominous and dramatic as dark clouds. Sometimes they make everything gloomy; other times they create this wonderful contrast between light and dark; or they simply represent the inevitability of an awesome thunderstorm.
dark stormy clouds
i should remind myself to carry the tripod with me a bit more often by Ibrahim Iujaz
dark stormy clouds
Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 22 November 2005 by Phillip Capper
dark stormy clouds
Street Beat by Joel Bedford
dark stormy clouds
Kodak Elitechrome EBX by Kevin Dooley
dark stormy clouds
Dark Coast, Dark Ship by nosha
dark stormy clouds
St Michael, The Archangel Chapel - Rookwood Necropolis by Luke Peterson
dark stormy clouds
this city will squash you #3 by Jes
dark stormy clouds
We're Going Where Exactly? by Zach Dischner
dark stormy clouds
walk this way by Linda Cronin
dark stormy clouds
Evening by Linda Cronin
dark stormy clouds
Firenze by me #3 by Angelo Amboldi
dark stormy clouds
Eunos MRT– Singapore by William Cho
dark stormy clouds
the windmill (dramatic bw) by fRandi-Shooters
dark stormy clouds
Cumulo Artistus (An Artist's Clouds) by mendhak
dark stormy clouds
In the clouds by Kevin Dooley
dark stormy clouds
Operation desert storm by Kevin Dooley
dark stormy clouds
Stormy at the Sea by Luis Argerich
dark stormy clouds
Sad Sunflowers by Daniel Zedda
dark stormy clouds
Dark sky ferris wheel by Jason
dark stormy clouds
USS Wisconsin by Steve
dark stormy clouds
don't fence me in by Linda Cronin
dark stormy clouds
Durdle Door by Linda Cronin
dark stormy clouds
Weekend Getaway by Bala Sivakumar
dark stormy clouds
Agitated by Vince Alongi
dark stormy clouds
Stormy Beach by JD the Photog
dark stormy clouds
Storm by Kristaps B.
dark stormy clouds
Stormy by OUCHcharley
dark stormy clouds
Ominous Sky by Тањица Перовић
dark stormy clouds
Sky Anger by Lucas Incas
dark stormy clouds
Ciel menaçant (une autre variante) by blue eyes photographies

David Gilmour - Awesome Moments

David Gilmour - Awesome Moments - YouTube
Awesome moments from David Gilmour's solo concert at the Royal Festival Hall, part of the ...

Classic Rock Magazine looks at Pink Floyd's Animals

The new issue of the UK's Classic Rock Magazine ( (out today, April 26th, cover date June 2012) features amongst its pages a detailed and fascinating look at Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals, and its associated tour. The pig even makes an escape attempt on the cover [click the thumbnail to the left to see].The seven page article, which includes some really nice, unusual pictures from those days, is written by our friend Mark Blake, author of the excellent Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story Of Pink Floyd (known as Comfortably Numb in the US) ( Blake relates the thoughts of David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason, along with the late Richard Wright, about the creation of the album. It also goes into detail on the live shows, with some insight into the inflatables and the addition of Snowy White to augment the guitarwork. The downward spiral of the live shows is laid out, with an increasingly frustrated Waters driven, eventually, to THAT incident in Montreal on the final night of the tour. Finally, there's a segment looking at the creation of the iconic cover, speaking to the photographers and Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis, to get the story of what happened on the three days in December 1976.Elsewhere in the magazine, there are features on Slash, Uriah Heep, The Cult and T.Rex. Classic Rock is available across the UK, and individual issues can be purchased online for despatch worldwide via this link to the retail arm of their publishers (, where you'll find a special offer selling the magazine at 20% less than you'll pay instore!

DISCLAIMER: Please notice that the article above is syndicated from Brain Damage and was originally published on 04-26-2012 03:55 PM. As such, APFFN is not responsible for its content. Read the original article here.

Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour updates

Rush 2012 Clockwork Angels tour updates:
The first round of pre-sales for Rush's 2012 Clockwork Angels tour are beginning to wind down, with general ticket sales kicking off tomorrow and Saturday. The first round included 10 dates: Manchester, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Anaheim and LA. Music Today fan pre-sales for all 10 of these dates closed yesterday at 5PM. As of this post VIP pre-sales for Detroit, Brooklyn, Boston and Anaheim are still open with the rest having sold out already. Various Live Nation, radio and venue pre-sales are still ongoing for most of the dates through this afternoon. General ticket sales for Manchester, Philadelphia, Newark, Brooklyn, Boston, Anaheim and LA begin tomorrow at 10AM (local venue time) with Chicago, Detroit, and Buffalo going on sale Saturday at 10AM. With the benefit of hindsight we now have a better picture of how the various pre-sales work this go-around. The Music Today fan pre-sales operated much as they have in the past with the one exception being that registration with the fan community on the Music Today website is no longer required. The big difference this year was with the VIP pre-sales, which are now conducted by rather than Ticketmaster. With VIP Nation, you still get a guaranteed seat in the first 15 rows but you don't know the exact location of your ticket until you pick them up at the venue. The CITI, Live Nation and other pre-sales work much as they have in the past and typically require a password. The Live Nation password this time around is melody. For any other passwords, just check out the tour page, and for more details on how all the pre-sales work check out my ticket sales and pre-sales guide.

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Photography Showcase #18

Photography Showcase #18:
A showcase of some randomly great images from our Flickr group.
All These Places Have Their Moments
All These Places Have Their Moments by JP Benante
Optimism ny Greg Zehe
Overflying Rainer
Overflying Rainer by Marianne Giesemann
The Passenger
The passenger by Desiree Stover
Flower of Protea Cyranoides
Flower of Protea Cyranoides by Christine Bueta
image by Mauricio De la Rocha G
A Camel's View
A Camel's View by Scott Ackerman
A Tough day beckons
A Tough day beckons by Kapil S
image by Chris and Nick Smith
LH14 by Dezign Horizon
Death Valley
image by panafoot
Balloon down
Balloon down by Desiree Stover
Autumnal Beauty
Autumnal Beauty by Scott Pakulski
Cheer by Thanawat Thiasiriphet
Paraglider by Stefano Pedroni
where is the train
where is the train by artofbeautybyeinav
woman on a bike
woman on a bike by artofbeautybyeinav
image by panafoot
Dubai Sea Cityscape
Dubai Sea Cityscape by Thamer Al-Hassan
Getting There, Step By Step
Getting There, Step By Step by Paulo Soares
Pradeep's pet cat
Pradeep's pet cat by Ankur Agarwal
Macaron by Its A Cake Thing (Jho)
Recommended Preservation
Recommended Preservation by Scott Ackerman
Sharp frost!
Sharp frost! by Steve Maskell
Anochece en Castilla
Anochece en Castilla by Fernando García
Filharmonia.Gorzowska - Centrum Edukacji Artystycznej
Filharmonia.Gorzowska - Centrum Edukacji Artystycznej by lukasz kulczynski
he and she
he and she by Lauren Marek
Mirror Images
Mirror images by magneticart
Cute, Funny Newborn Photography
Cute, Funny Newborn Photography by Lindsay Pullen
Hardwork! by Prashant Bhandare

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