Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bald Eagle populations beginning to soar

Bald Eagle populations beginning to soar:

Charlie Neibergall / AP
A bald eagle flies from its nest at Gray's Lake Park in Des Moines, Iowa on April 17.
There was a time in America when the bald eagle was on the endangered species list and facing extinction. The deadly combination of pesticides (namely DDT), and urban sprawl, had all but driven these magnificent birds out of the lower 48 states. In the mid-60s just 450 nesting pairs remained.
Fortunately for the birds, and for us, times have changed. DDT was banned nationwide in 1972 and, in many cases, humans are starting to pay more attention to their natural surroundings. Today this majestic symbol of America is thriving; so much so, it is returning to areas it fled decades ago. Read full story.
--Kevin Tibbles, NBC News
The majestic bird that was once on the endangered species list is now nesting in Cook County. NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.
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