Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby mammoth embarks on Asian tour

Baby mammoth embarks on Asian tour:

Aaron Tam / AFP - Getty Images
The carcass of the world's most well-preserved baby mammoth, named Lyuba, is displayed in Hong Kong on April 10, 2012.
A perfectly preserved baby mammoth buried for 42,000 years under snow and ice has embarked on a tour across Asia.
Lyuba, whose carcass was discovered by a reindeer herder in Russia's Yamal Peninsula in 2007, is about to go on display at IFC Mall in Hong Kong and will later travel to China, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan. She has previously toured North America.
Last week, another juvenile mammoth, nicknamed Yuka, was found entombed in Siberian ice. According to Discovery News, Yuka's body shows signs of having been cut open by ancient people.

Tyrone Siu / Reuters
Lyuba, whose carcass is 42,000 years old, was found by a reindeer herder in the Yamal Peninsula in Russia in 2007.

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