Monday, December 31, 2007

Mystical Maiden Of The Wind

I love art like this. I found a newsgroup,, that had thousands for fantasy and science-fiction picture and added those to the already tens of thousands of fine art pictures I have collected over the last 27 years and these are the screen savers on all my computers. Also, I've taken about 14,000 photos that are in the mix.

Old Tree At The Farm On A Foggy Morning

Mamosi Tree

This one's for Mom

Time to roll....



Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pics. of Dolly with Hunter

This morning me and Hunter took Dolly for a long walk out by the tennis court & playground. This was the 1st time I had a camera with me so we took about 100 photos. It's about impossible to get Dolly to be still. Anyway, we'll get some good ones eventually. Most of all I wanted a pic. of the Saturn 5 rocket that's in my backyard.

Talking about Seattle area again tries to clean up waters - Environment-

Home in Huntsville, AL

Every since I have owned a digital camera I've kept pics. of the places I have live. Here's the 1st I have taken here. There's also an album.

Cathedral Caverns with Toni & Hunter

After I picked up Hunter yesterday we were curios after seeing the signs on Hwy.72 for this place. It's right after Scottsboro headed west. The entrance was impressive! You could drive a truck through it! We didn't have time to see much of it but when I take him home next Sat. we will try to see it all.

I made an album with more pics.

Friday, December 28, 2007

An example of RPG code for the IBM AS/400

C     $Validate     BegSr                     
C                   If        #ORDNO <> *Zeros
C     @OBCOP        Chain     OBCOP100        
C                   If        %Found(OBCOP100)
C                   Eval      *In80 = *Off    
C                   Else                      
C                   Eval      *In80 = *On     
C                   EndIf                     
C                   EndIf                     
C                   ExSr      $Display



This Is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic...

Space rock doesn't get any better than this!

My Art...

Here is something I did that I found on my Yahoo 360 page. Since it's going away soon I wanted to salvage it and put it here. I don't know that I saved it anywhere else. I wonder what will happen to all the blogs people have made on the Yahoo 360 pages?

What A Blog Means To Me...

Guess it's been way over a year since I tried this. Well I started playing around with the new Windows Live and after dedicating quite a bit of time (a week or so) I finally started to get what a blog, for me, is about. Then I remembered the Yahoo 360 pages. I guess keeping 2 blogs would never work out so now I must decide which one to use.

For me this is a tool to record my current thoughts of the day or feelings about a current event that I can link to. I know that as time passes I will be so glad that I took the time, now, and whenever I make an entry, to do so. Thanks to Toni's insights on journals I have a new understanding of how to use a blog; for myself.

I remember that I always used to like to add a piece of art, a picture, with each entry, weather it really relates to the entry or not. Since there is always a new picture that has my attention this is also a good way to get these out there so I don't forget them.

This is a pic. I found on the web of where I am now living. This weekend I'm going to borrow a camera and get some much better views.

X-Men Comics

This is probably my all time favorite comic book series.

Finally, new glasses!

If Toni wasn't with me I probably would not have picked these frames but now I couldn't be happier.

Bubbles Tiled image

I really like this image for a background. Maybe if I upload it here I can find it the next time I need it. I tend to format my hard drives allot more than the average person. It's not that I have a hard time keeping things but finding them can be next to impossible.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tonight's entry



This is an attempt to try and say something about the day before it's over.

Looking forward to tomorrow because all the managers will be out, just us peons there, which is fine with me. I plan to take plenty of music and some good headphones. I added this picture because I just ripped several picture groups and got thousands of sci. fi. & fantasy pictures. This one is one of many I realy like.

Hunter will be here in 2 days and I can't wait. We have the money I'm giving him for Christmas to go spend & our interests are so similiar that I know we'll have a good time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


For the last few days I didn't know if I was going to end up living alone again or not. I went home at lunch today and things seem to have returned to normal. I so relieved! Of course only time will tell but if past experiences are worth going by them things are going to be ok. I am so very, very happy.

Talking about Turkish jets strike Kurd rebels inside Iraq - Conflict in Iraq-


Quote I wonder just how much of the natural beauty of these caves will be left after all the bombings. The caves seem to be the favorite hideouts of these rebels.

Turkish jets strike Kurd rebels inside Iraq - Conflict in Iraq-

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Help, what is wrong...

Most people have experience the common motor sleep start - a sudden, often violent, jerk of the entire body that occurs upon falling asleep. Other forms of sleep starts also occur just as sleep begins such as;
visual sleep start - usually a sensation of blinding light coming from inside the eyes or head
auditory sleep start - a loud snapping noise that seems to come from inside the head
The different types of sleep starts can be frightening, but these occurences are harmless.
2. sleep-wake transition disorders

3. hypnic jerk - also called sleep starts; the sensation of falling and then a physical jerk into wakefulness, usually during Stage 1 sleep

4. Normal NREM parasomnias
Hypnagogic or hypnopompic imagery (a state of feeling awake but having dreams intrude; occurs at sleep onset or offset)

Sleep starts or hypnic jerks (typically a myoclonic jerk occurring at sleep onset, but also manifested rarely as a sudden flashing light, loud cracking, snapping noise, or sudden pain)

5. Hypnagogic sensations
The hypnagogic experience occurs between being awake and asleep, while the hypnopompic experience occurs as one is waking up; both experiences occur within the time period between sleep and waking (or vice versa). Experienced qualities vary, and include fear, awareness of a "presence," chest or back pressure, and an inability to breathe (hence the folkloric notion of mara-like creatures tormenting sleepers), a falling sensation or a feeling of tripping, but sometimes also joy.
During the hypnagogic state, an individual may appear to be fully awake, but has brain waves indicating that the individual is technically sleeping. Also, the individual may be completely aware of their state, which enables lucid dreamers to enter the dream state consciously directly from the waking state (see wake-initiated lucid dream technique).
The hypnagogic state is sometimes proposed as an explanation of experiences such as alien abduction, apparitions, or visions.

6. The hypnagogic state is the condition the human mind reaches shortly before sleep. It is similar to REM sleep in that it is often bizarre and nonsensical, though it is far shorter and less directly related to the subconscious mind than REM sleep is. It prepares the mind for REM sleep.
Basically what happens during this state is that random images and thoughts float through your mind, sometimes related to recent events but mostly just really random strata. Whether you fall asleep within 30 seconds of getting into bed or you need an hour to go to sleep, your mind will eventually pass through the hypnagogic state, for however brief or long a time. Light sleepers often linger in this state, as it is easily interruptable by outside stimuli and isn't actually normal sleep.
Unlike sleep, your mind is really powerless during this state -- you can't dream or get the rest your mind needs at this time. Lucid dreams, or dreams where the mind wakes up and realizes it's dreaming while the body remains asleep, also cannot occur during this state. What happens is more or less just your mind channel-surfing along the proverbial UHF channels of the mind, only past channel 80 -- snow, static, random images, snippets of conversation, voices, etc.
The hypnagogic state is also related to schizophrenia. See the connection? The only difference is that a schizophrenic is fully awake for the ride, whereas the nearly-asleep person is barely conscious of what they're perceiving.

7. Modafinil does not carry the addiction potential that methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine do. In fact, the latest development in treatment is a new modafinil drug called Provigil®, which does not act as a stimulant and so does not produce side effects like anxiety and irritability. Provigil®'s therapeutic effects have been observed in maintenance of wakefulness test research, where patients have tripled their wakefulness.

8. Definition of Hypnagogic
Hypnagogic: Concerning the drowsiness one commonly feels before sleep, the transitional state preceding sleep, and also the hallucinations that may occur at that time.
The original French word "hypnagogique" was derived from Greek roots "hypno-", sleep + "agogos", leading = leading to sleep. In the 19th century "hypnagogique" came across the English Channel and became "hypnagogic."
A closely allied term is "hypnoidal." It means resembling hypnosis and also refers to the subwaking state, the condition intermediate between sleeping and waking.

9. narcolepsy

hypnopompic imagery hypnic jerk chronic sleep starts sleep-wake transition disorders

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Map Of Home

In the 1st map is the way I travel from home to my mother's house.

In this 2nd picture is a map of where I'm living now in Huntsville, AL. Right at exit #15.


Live Search Videos: rush

 You gotta wonder why you never see this on any muisc channels.

Live Search Videos: rush

Finding and playing online music, sports, and news

Allot of good stuff on this page, things you can do with Windows Media Center.

Finding and playing online music, sports, and news

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I think I'm starting to get what blogs are all about, personal ones anyway. I still can't figure out if you create this in the first person or what?

Talking about E-mails trace astronaut love triangle-


Quote There are quite a few songs this makes me think of...

E-mails trace astronaut love triangle-

Tonight, Sat. Dec.22, 2007

Ordering pizza and watching movies. Tonight is a calm before the storm of Christmas...


There is no place on the planet you can make an enemy as fast as on the road. Too bad the inverse isn't true.

Talking about Police Respond To Road-Rage Shooting - News-



Police Respond To Road-Rage Shooting - News-

There is no place on the planet you can make an enemy as fast as on the road. Too bad the inverse isn't true.

Talking about ‘Pill mill’ linked to at least 4 deaths - Crime & courts-

Talking about Van Halen, Bertinelli Divorce Finalized



Van Halen, Bertinelli Divorce Finalized
Divorce finalized for Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli after 7 years of separation

From Rush - Bravest Face on Snakes & Arrows c.2007

"Though we might have precious little it's still precious."

Saturday morn...

I got a great deal on 100 blank DVD's and I'm about to catch up burning recent downloads. I've never had this kind of speed downloading. There's so much available with this speed and newsgroups are free on Knology. I'll have to learn to be selective but I want so much.

Every time I look at my glasses I am so glad Toni talked me into these. I had two pairs I could not decide on and went back to the Passport to get her for the second time. Now I can't imagine how there could every be a problem picking these.

Here's a couple of things I scanned. I thought the scanner didn't make it in the move but I found it a couple of night ago. I've got a backlog of cool images me and Toni have saved since we moved here in the hope the scanner would turn up one day.

These are from a calendar we got for free at the Chinese restaurant across the street.

Friday, December 21, 2007

From some movie about 2 heroin addicts

When you can quit you don't want to and you can't when you want to.

Last Day At Work Before Christmas

It's after lunch now and I'm wondering if we'll get off early. Since Cinram never closes I kind of doubt it. I don't know if I will be driving to Chatt. tonight or tomorrow morning or when. Roccie sent an email this morning, hadn't heard from him in a while. I think we will pawn the TV after work tonight to get some spending money for the holidays. My next payday is the 28th. I'm listening to Incubus on the headphones. This is the 1st time I've tried to update this blog from work but I've got some time while I wait on Jerry to test the new Lionsgate packing slip. I think it's cool that anytime someone buys a dvd online from DVDBin, 20th Century Fox or Lionsgate the order will pass thru my software. It was nice to get to work with graphics on a PC instead of RPG for a change. The web site is Now I'm going to try send some pics. from my laptop to Flickr. I've given 2 people here at work access to a select few pieces of my art, no feedback as of yet. I made everything else, including this, private.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First entry

It's 1:36 am and I have to work tomorrow. I'd love to play around with this new tool but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. At least the holidays are almost here & I'll have some time to play with this new system and learn more about Vista. I've tried using blogs before but I can never remember to update it, maybe this time it will be different.

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