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McCartney Shoots Back Up Rock Rich List

McCartney Shoots Back Up Rock Rich List:
His marriage adds £170m to bank balance as U2 make £59m, Roger Waters makes £15m and Ringo brings in £10m since last year – and U2 remain richest band on the planet.
Paul McCartney’s marriage to Nancy Shevell has secured the ex-Beatle’s position at the top of the Sunday Times rock rich list, as their combined value hit £665m.
His 2008 divorce from Heather Mills saw his fortune drop to £495m but Shevell, from a transport magnate family, has helped add £170m to their bank account.
And U2 remain the richest band on Earth after adding £59m to their combined total, giving them a total of £514m.
The rock list is built from the 24th edition of the Sunday Times Rich List, published this weekend in a 104-page magazine with the newspaper. It’s based on identifiable wealth including land, property and shares – but doesn’t include bank accounts since that information is private.
Elton John brought in £25m, although most of it will be income from his pop career. Roger Waters, currently touring his final version of The Wall, has made £15m over the past 12 months – although his Pink Floyd bandmates David Gilmour and Nick Mason have seen no change to their fortunes.
Ringo Starr made £10m while Queen’s recent activities saw Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon all earn £5m.
Surprisingly, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appear to have seen no financial benefits from their last year in the headlines, remaining steady with £95m.
But while none of the rich rockers have anything to worry about financially, none of them comes close to being the wealthiest person in the UK: steel mogul Lakshmi Mittal is worth £17.5bn. And the richest person in the music industry is record company boss Clive Calder, with a fortune of £1.35bn.
Only two new names appear in this year’s music industry list: Spotify boss Daniel Ek, who’s worth £190m, and Beggars Group chief Martin Mills, who has £55m.
Top rock earners 2011-12
1. Paul McCartney / Nancy Shevell: £170m

2. U2: £59m

3. Elton John: £25m

4. Roger Waters: £15m

5. Olivia / Dhani Harrison: £10m

5. Ringo Starr: £10m

7. Eric Clapton: £5m

7. Rod Stewart: £5m

7. Brian May: £5m

7. Roger Taylor: £5m

7. John Deacon: £5m

12. Mark Knopfler: £3m
Rock rich list 2011-12 (with last year’s figure)
1. Paul McCartney / Nancy Shevell: £665m (£495m)

2. U2: £514m (£455m)

3. Elton John: £220m (£195m)

4. Mick Jagger: £190m (£190m)

5. Olivia and Dhani Harrison: £180m (£170m)

5. Sting: £180m (£180m)

7. Keith Richards: £175m (£175m)

8. Ringo Starr: £160m (£150m)

9. Eric Clapton: £130m (£125m)

10. Rod Stewart: £120m (£115m)

10. Roger Waters: £120m (£105m)

12. Phil Collins: £115m (£115m)

13. David Bowie: £100m (£100m)

14. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne: £95m (£95m)

15. Brian May: £90m (£85m)

15. David Gilmour: £85m (£85m)

15. Roger Taylor: £85m (£80m)

15. Charlie Watts: £85m (£85m)

19. Robert Plant: £80m (£80m)

20. Jimmy Page: £75m (£75m)

21. John Deacon: £70m (£65m)

22. Mark Knopfler: £65m (£62m)

22. Nick Mason: £55m (£55m)

24. Brian Johnson: £50m (£50m)

24. Van Morrison: £50m (£50m)

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