Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rush Working Men CD/DVD compilation

Rush Working Men CD/DVD compilation tracklist, cover images

UPDATE - 9/30@9:44AM: And here's the press release as a pdf directly from the Rush website which includes a CD cover image and the DVD cover image.

UPDATE - 9/30@8:44AM: Here's the official press release (thanks RushFanForever). It doesn't really reveal any information that we didn't already know other than to say that One Little Victory will be a previously unreleased version, which one has to assume is the the version that was left off of R30 and that will appear on the R30 re-release. Also a couple of corrections to my list below; Subdivisions was not on Rush in Rio and YYZ was not on R30 but will be on the R30 re-release.

I recently let you know that Rush would be releasing a new CD/DVD compilation on November 17th which will include cuts from their 3 most recent concert DVDs: Rush in Rio, R30 and Snakes & Arrows Live. The compilation will be titled Working Men and Music Tap recently revealed the tracklist (thanks RushFanForever).

Atlantic Records will be releasing Working Men for Rush, which is a 12-track performance collection ("Limelight," "The Spirit of Radio," "2112," "Freewill," "Dreamline," "Far Cry," "Subdivisions," "One Little Victory," "Closer to the Heart," "Tom Sawyer," "Working Man," "YYZ") planned for November 17. Rounder will release the DVD title for this one, same date.

Notice that they did not indicate from which of the 3 DVDs each track would originate, although we can narrow things down a bit. Here's the tracklist along with a footnote indicating which DVD(s) it might be taken from:

Limelight - RiR,R30,S&A
The Spirit of Radio - RiR,R30,S&A
2112 - RiR,R30
Freewill - RiR,S&A
Dreamline - RiR,R30,S&A
Far Cry - S&A
Subdivisions - R30,S&A
One Little Victory - RiR,S&A R30 re-release version
Closer to the Heart - RiR
Tom Sawyer - RiR,R30,S&A
Working Man - RiR,R30

RiR - Rush in Rio
R30 - R30
S&A - Snakes & Arrows Live


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