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North West Evening Mail | News | Barrow dad killed by drink and drug cocktail


Barrow dad killed by drink and drug cocktail

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A FATHER-OF-ONE was killed by a mixture of booze and methadone supplied by one of his friends, an inquest heard.

The inquest into the death of Gary Kennedy, who died aged 27, was held at Barrow Town Hall yesterday. Mr Alan Sharp, deputy coroner for South and East Cumbria ruled his death was accidental.

Mr Kennedy was found dead at a house in Arthur Street, Barrow, on the morning of January 29, leaving behind his daughter Abigail, who is now five-years-old.

Mr Kennedy died after what started out as a drinking session with friends Jack McCullough, 19, and Fiona Hart, 22, and turned to drug use.

A post-mortem examination carried out on his body showed he died from multiple substance toxicity.

Mr McCullough got the methadone from neighbour, Amanda Bewley, 28, of Arthur Street, Barrow. The pair were jailed for two years each in March for supplying the methadone which led to Mr Kennedy’s death.

Miss Hart, the ex-girlfriend of McCullough, told the inquest Mr Kennedy and Mr McCullough arrived at her house on the evening of January 28.

They went to a nearby supermarket to stock up on alcohol and bought a bottle of whiskey and two bottles of cider.

Miss Hart said: “We were just sat at home, drinking and having a laugh, when the conversation turned to methadone. Jack said he knew where he could get some.

North West Evening Mail | News | Barrow dad killed by drink and drug cocktail

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