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Mitch Mitchell

Renowned for his work with the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Mitch Mitchell was one of the greatest drummers of the 60's. Known for his wild playing style and irregular rhythms, Mitchell provided a stylish backbone to Jimi Hendrix's infamous psychedelic sound.
Born in 1946, Mitchell originally intended on being an actor – starring in a BBC children's show as a teen. In the end Mitchell found his true calling as a session drummer, working around London for many 60's artists including the Pretty Things. In 1966 he was invited by Chas Chandler to audition for the new band being formed around US import Jimi Hendrix. Apparently Mitchell won the job off the toss of a coin after Chandler and Hendrix could not decide between him and Aynsley Dunbar.
Clearly the pair made the correct decision, as Mitchell became a vital collaborator to the Experience. His on stage improvisations with Hendrix were electric and helped define the bands sound. Hugely praised for his recording work with The Experience, it is a huge shame that Mitchell's recording career died with Hendrix in 1970 - the drummer rarely entering a studio again. He will be forever remembered as one of the most innovative and stylish drummers of his generation. - Rob Samuels Music - 411 Music Presents...2008 Year In Review: Part 3 – Tributes

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