Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Angola, pope condemns sorcery - Africa -


Papal visit
Pope Benedict XVI makes his first visit to Africa since becoming pontiff to make an appeal for “international solidarity” in the face of the economic crisis.

updated 7:40 a.m. CT, Sat., March. 21, 2009

LUANDA, Angola - Pope Benedict XVI appealed to the Catholics of Angola on Saturday to reach out to and convert believers in witchcraft who feel threatened by "spirits" and "evil powers" of sorcery.

On his first pilgrimage to Africa, the pope drew on the more than 500 years of Roman Catholicism in Angola, saying that Christianity was a bridge between the local peoples and the Portuguese settlers.

"In today's Angola, Catholics should offer the message of Christ to the many who live in the fear of spirits, of evil powers by whom they feel threatened, disoriented, even reaching the point of condemning street children and even the most elderly because — they say — they are sorcerers."

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