Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scientists claim to have cloned glowing dogs - Science- msnbc.com

South Korean researchers have named all four beagles ‘Ruppy’



The photo at left shows one of the cloned transgenic dogs named Ruppy, as seen under normal lighting conditions. The photo at right shows the dog under ultraviolet light, glowing red due to the influence of fluorescent genes. Both photos were released by Seoul National University.

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korean scientists say they have engineered four beagles that glow red using cloning techniques that could help develop cures for human diseases.

The four dogs, all named "Ruppy" — a combination of the words "ruby" and "puppy" — look like typical beagles by daylight.

But they glow red under ultraviolet light, and the dogs' nails and abdomens, which have thin skins, look red even to the naked eye

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