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Talking about Hawkwind- Out of the Shadows DVD



Hawkwind- Out of the Shadows DVD

Hawkwind - 'In Concert - Out Of The Shadows' (Music Video Distributors)
Catalog no: DR 4546 - 2007 release

From Aural Innovations #36 (May 2007)

This eighty-minute concert was filmed at the Opera House in Newcastle, UK on December 4, 2002. On thing I really like about this music DVD is that all through out the fourteen song gig, there are absolutely no interruptions of any kind. For those of you that know me or have touched base with me via email, you know that I don't have all that many music DVD's for several reasons. But, this Hawkwind DVD is without a doubt well worth having. Notice on this DVD the band covers two Bob Calvert gems, "Aerospace Age Inferno" and "The Song Of The Gremlins" where fellow stalwart UK rocker Arthur Brown takes over on the lead vocals and serves as the space rock ensemble's frontman as he does on a couple of other songs. This man can actually do the job, good. Couldn't get enough of the tracks here "Out Of The Shadows", "Master Of The Universe", "Hurry On Sundown" ( off their very first album ), the powerful "Assassins Of Allah" and "Earth Calling" ( which goes into "You Shouldn't Do That" ) in which all these cuts feature a must-see full blown psychedelic light show extravaganza. Two actual Arthur Brown tunes are performed, "Time Captives" and "Time & Confusion". Couldn't believe my eyes or ears when Alan Davey covered the old Hawkwind 'deep album cut' that Lemmy wrote, the fo

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