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Stephen R. Donaldson - The Man Who Killed His Brother

The Man Who Killed His Brother

by Stephen R. Donaldson- 2003-10-02-

Mick "Brew" Axbrewder was once a great P.I.
That was before he accidentally shot and killed a cop-worse, a cop who
happened to be his own brother. Now he only works now and then, as muscle
for his old partner, Ginny Fistoulari. It's a living. And it provides an
occasional opportunity for him to dry out.But their latest case demands
more than muscle. Brew's dead brother's daughter has disappeared. His
brother's widow wants him and Ginny to in-vestigate. And both of them seem
to expect him to sober up. Because the darkness they're finding un-der the
surface of Sunbelt city Puerto del Sol goes beyond one missing teenager.
Axbrewder will need all his talents to confront that darkness. Most of
all, he'll need to confront his own worst enemy-him-self.Over two decades
ago, bestselling author Ste-phen R. Donaldson published three novels about
Mick Axbrewder and Ginny Fistoulari, as pa-perback originals under the
pseudonym "Reed Stephens." More recently, under his own name, Donaldson
published a new novel in the se-quence, The Man Who Fought Alone. Now, for
Donaldson's millions of readers worldwide, the first of the original books
The Man Who Killed His Brother appears under Donaldson's own name, in
revised and expanded form.


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