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Preview of the new Windows Live Essentials

Preview of the new Windows Live Essentials

In recent posts we’ve talked about the new
and the re-invention
of Hotmail
. Today, we’re going to spend time on the new Windows Live

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Windows Live Essentials – the essential software for Windows

Windows Live Essentials includes Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker,
Writer, Sync and Family Safety. Essentials is available for free and in many
cases may already be installed on your PC with Windows. If not, you can get it

Picture of Windows Live Essentials icons

In the upcoming release, we focused on achieving two important goals with

  1. Making everyday tasks simpler and enabling new possibilities on your PC
  2. Connecting Windows 7 to the cloud

Making everyday tasks simpler and enabling new possibilities

Windows 7 has set a new benchmark for PC simplicity and reliability. More
than any previous version, Windows 7 saves you time and helps you get more done.
With this release, we wanted Windows Live to help you save even more time with
the top
things you do on your PC
. So we designed Essentials to help you
communicate and stay
in touch
with the people you care about, and to help you easily
organize, polish, and share
your photos
and movies

Windows 7 also allows us to unleash a new set of possibilities that weren’t
available before. We’re taking advantage of GPU-accelerated
graphics and animations, using the new Windows 7 "ribbon" user interface,
integrating jumplists into the Windows 7 taskbar, and much more to provide you
with a great experience.

Connecting Windows 7 to the cloud

Today, most cloud services are accessed through a browser, which is easy and
convenient, especially when you’re away from your PC. But there are advantages
to connecting to the cloud directly through rich client applications on your PC.
Namely, you have a powerful hub that connects to your devices in a way that
maintains the privacy
and security of your data. This affords a much richer experience while
maintaining the convenience of the browser.

This belief informed our goal of connecting Windows 7 to the cloud with
Windows Live Essentials. This means your Windows experience natively connects
to the services you already use
– not just the ones from Microsoft. The new
Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, and Messenger connect to photo
and video sharing (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networking (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), email (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo!
), blogging (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger), and document productivity (Office Web Apps) services.

And with the new Windows Live Sync, Windows keeps your
files synchronized on the web and across multiple PCs. You can also directly
access your PC over the web with the new remote desktop feature.

There’s a lot coming with the new Windows Live Essentials. We’ll cover this
over a series of posts. For now, let’s focus on the new
Windows Live Photo Gallery.

The new Windows Live Photo Gallery

From a million and one photos, to

The new release of Windows Live Photo Gallery uses the power of your PC to
comb through your million and one photos to find that one-in-a-million. All so
that you can share your memories with those you care most about using the
services you already use. We focused on making your photos easy to organize,
find, fix and share regardless of whether you use social networks, email or
photo sharing sites like Flickr.

Picture of the new Windows Live Photo Gallery
The new Photo Gallery

Organize your photos effortlessly

We all take a lot of photos and videos that we love
to share. Increasingly, those pictures and videos are taken using our mobile
phones. In the US, 10 billion more photos will be taken in 2010 than in 2007—
rising to nearly 57 billion this year.

With this in mind, the new Photo Gallery was designed with easy tools for
finding the photos and videos you care about most. You can use the new
Windows 7 ribbon interface
to quickly narrow down photos by date taken,
rating, tag (including geo-tag) or any combination you choose.

Of course the best way to search for photos is by people. In the new
Photo Gallery, we are introducing new facial recognition technology that
quickly organizes and finds photos according to the people in them. As you tag
people in your photos, Photo Gallery learns what each person looks like and
automatically suggests additional photos that they are in.

Picture of facial recognition at work in Photo Gallery
Windows Live Photo Gallery recognizes the
faces of people you've tagged

Getting your photos ready to share

Photo Gallery makes it fun and easy to turn ordinary photos into
extraordinary ones.

  • Auto Adjust looks deep into each picture and finds ways to
    fine-tune the exposure, color balance, angle, and sharpness to make it better
    in one click.
  • Retouch helps you remove unfortunate blemishes quickly. Should you
    want to (we won’t tell), you can even remove entire people from photos!
  • Batch editing lets you make the same edit to several photos at
  • Last, but certainly not least, we’re introducing Photo Fuse. Have
    you ever taken a group photo where someone’s eyes were closed? Using
    cutting-edge technology from Microsoft Research, Photo Fuse
    makes it possible to take the best parts of similar photos and fuse them
    together into the one perfect shot.

Picture of Photo Fuse in Photo Gallery
Photo Fuse lets you choose the best parts of
each photo

Share right from Photo Gallery

Ok, now you have ten perfect pictures you want to share. Photo Gallery makes
it easy to share them any way you want. You can post to your social networks or
photo sites, create a movie, or send them as beautiful photo email messages.

Picture of one-click sharing from the ribbon in Photo Gallery
One-click sharing from the ribbon in Photo

Share directly to your social networks. Here’s how easy this is – just
select the photos and videos you want to share, click the service you want in
the ribbon, and we’ll publish them for you. We’ve also worked with our partners
to support tagging, so that when you publish a photo to Facebook, for example,
the people tags go with it. And if someone else adds a tag once the photo is on
Facebook, we’ll bring that tag back into your collection in Photo Gallery.

Send beautiful photo email messages. Social networks get all the
headlines, but email remains the most convenient way to share photos. Yet photos
and video file sizes can be huge, especially if you want to share more than a
few images. So we’ve connected Photo Gallery to Windows Live Mail and Windows Live SkyDrive to make this easy.
With one click we’ll take your photos from Photo Gallery into Windows Live Mail
and apply a beautiful photo album template. You can send the album to anyone,
regardless of email service or size of inbox. The photos are stored on SkyDrive
for you, where your email recipients automatically have permission to view them.
You can also use SkyDrive to send movies without clogging your inbox (of your
friend’s inbox).

Picture of composing a photo email message in Photo Gallery
Apply one of several beautiful album templates
to your photo email

Make a movie in a few clicks. Want to really bring a tear to someone’s
eye? Take your photos and make a movie in a few clicks with the new
Windows Live Movie Maker, which includes beautiful new transitions and rich
visual effects that help you create movie magic. (More on this in an upcoming
blog post!)

You can even share your slide show while you’re watching it!
Just choose some photos in Photo Gallery and click “Slide show.” Right
there, Photo Gallery hits you with a beautiful full-screen animated slide show,
complete with movie-style themes. This is actually all powered by Movie Maker,
so with one click you can take your slide show and publish it as a movie to
YouTube, SkyDrive, or Facebook. Or if you want to get really creative, you can
launch Movie Maker and take full control.

Picture of a full-screen slide show in Photo Gallery
Full-screen slide shows that you can share

Get ready – it’s all coming your way soon!

We’re excited about the new Essentials and how we’re bringing together the
power of the PC and the cloud. Stay tuned for more on this, including upcoming
posts on the new Windows Live Movie Maker, Mail, Writer,
Sync, and Family Safety.

We’ll begin broader beta testing of the new Essentials in a few weeks.
Meanwhile you can learn more at

Brad Weed & Piero Sierra
Group Program Managers, Windows Live

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