Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wave 4: Windows Live Service Status

So ever since the MSN Messenger days, Microsoft had always provided a page to allow users
to check the current service status for the .NET Messenger Service, despite this
page never really updating even during the rare widespread outages we have had
in the past few years. With the Windows Live Online Services now expanding way
beyond just Messenger, and the massive push towards cloud computing from
Microsoft, services like Hotmail, Calendar, Contacts, SkyDrive, and even your
“Messenger Social” feeds become just as important as the Messenger service. As
such, Microsoft has provided a new page on Windows Live Wave 4 which allows you
to not only check the service status for Messenger, but other Windows Live
services as well. Here’s the description for this new Windows Live
Service Status
service on the “All services” page:

Service Status
Get information
about the current performance of Windows Live services.

Windows Live Service Status

(Thanks to Jamie
for this screenshot!)

As you can see, this service also allow users to view the history of any
service outages for the specific services listed, as well as reporting any
issues with the Windows Live services.

Windows Live Service Status will be available at Thanks to Picturepan2 @ for
the heads up!

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