Friday, February 4, 2011

New Neil Peart news update: new instructional DVD, new book

February, 2011 - Talking Drums in Death Valley]

Neil Peart - Dante's ViewNeil Peart has updated the News page on his website with a story titled Talking Drums in Death Valley. In this latest installment Neil reveals that - in addition to his new book Far and Away - he'll soon be releasing his third instructional DVD which will focus on live performance. The working title for the DVD is Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance. From the update:

"The theme for our next collaboration seemed obvious: live performance, preparing for it and surviving it. In early 2010 we began collecting material...In April, 2010, the Hudson Music crew joined me at Drum Channel in Oxnard, California, and filmed several days of my rehearsals for the Time Machine tour. In July they filmed an entire Rush show, in Saratoga Springs, New York, with supplementary 'drum-cams' on me. They also captured the soundcheck and pre-show warmup, when I did a bit of talking to the camera, as I had during the Drum Channel filming in April. However, we would need to shoot some more 'talkie bits' to go before each of the songs from the live show, explaining about special problems or challenges in a particular song, and technical highlights. So, I thought, why not go somewhere really nice to shoot those?...I suggested Death Valley. Being the driest place in North America, averaging less than two inches of rain a year-and sometimes none-the chances of clear weather were good." - Neil Peart,, February 4, 2011

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