Monday, October 25, 2010

Beatles - Nagra Tape Rolls

I have had exerpts from this since the early 80's. Probably my first purchase from Randall was The Black Album. Apparently this is all 90 cd's of it. I think the links may be here but I found this in the Beatles newsgroup and had to do a little research to see what the Nagra Tape Rolls or A-B Road was. Here's an exerpt from this blog post.

Further history on the Nagra Reels (source of this giant set)

Published: January 13, 2003

To read the statements made by British and Dutch officials after the arrest of a group of bootleggers in suburbs of London and Amsterdam on Friday, one would think that the police had apprehended a band of thieves who for the last three decades had been sitting on a vast trove of long-lost master tapes from Beatles recording sessions. There is an element of truth in what they say, but also a good measure of exaggeration. Whether the seizure of these tapes should be regarded as good news -- and for that matter whether it will have any effect on the thriving trade in Beatles bootlegs -- is another matter.

What the police seized was a collection of 500 to 550 reels of tape, each running about 16 minutes. They were recorded during the sessions for the Beatles' ''Let It Be'' album -- originally to be called ''Get Back'' -- from Jan. 2 to Jan. 31, 1969. But they are not the multitrack session masters from which the album was made. Those are safely in EMI's archives. Instead, they are monaural recordings made on a pair of Nagra tape recorders for reference purposes by a film crew that was documenting the sessions for a proposed television documentary. When the television plan was scuttled, the film was released theatrically as ''Let It Be.''

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