Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jean Dufy

Dufy,Jean_LePontCarrousel_c1947_te Dufy,Jean_L'IleD'Yeu_1929_te


French, 1888–1964

Throughout Jean Dufy’s career, his older brother Raoul encouraged him and remained his true inspiration. Due to their close association, Jean Dufy’s work is often compared to that of his brother. Like Raoul, he chose Parisian subjects, country scenes, circuses, horse races, stages and orchestras. While Raoul often dissected each of the elements that he used in his compositions. Jean, on the other hand, was more sensitive to the entire panorama of the scene represented. In 1916, Jean Dufy worked briefly with his brother in a studio doing textile painting, and then began what became a major component of his career for the next 30 years — porcelain decoration for Havilland in Limoges, France. In 1937, Jean helped his brother with the completion of his assignment to oversee the decoration of the Electric Pavilion for the World’s Fair. Together they did a mural, 600 meters in size, to celebrate electricity.

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