Friday, November 19, 2010

Rare Randy Rhoads solo footage surfaces


For fans of the late guitarist Randy Rhoads, any new bit of video footage or audio is akin to discovering the Holy Grail. And so it is, apparently, with the above video of Rhoads performing an extended solo in 1979 with the band Quiet Riot.

Shot at the Starwood Club in West Hollywood, California (the same venue that Van Halen was packing when they scored their record deal two years earlier), the video is a treasure trove for Rhoads fans as it's almost a full eight minutes of nothing but incendiary soloing.

Portions of this performance (from 25 October 1979) have been circulated previously, but according to Rhoads aficionados, this is the first time that the extended solo has been seen. Interestingly, it captures the guitarist in what would be one of his last appearances with Quiet Riot - before long, he would in the UK recording Blizzard Of Ozz with Ozzy Osbourne.


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