Wednesday, May 30, 2012

11 Incredible Tree Pictures by Bomobob

11 Incredible Tree Pictures by Bomobob:
Bomobob is an award-winning photographer from Montreal, Quebec. He has a broad range of photography subjects: carnivals, woodlands, cityscapes, ephemera, etc. Remarkably, he usually shoots with old cameras he has salvaged and repaired. He owns around 60 ‘old clunkers’, as he calls them. His superb photography proves that you don’t necessarily need a high-tech digital camera to make incredible pictures.
To see more of bomobob’s pictures, visit his photography blog, Etsy store, or Flickr photostream.
Early Trees in Fog
Aurora Borealis Tree Shadow
Sweet Dreams Trees
Sweet Dreams
Enchanted Forest
Nowhere white forest
Into the forest fairytale
Into the Forest
Sparkle and Glow winter snow tree
Sparkle and Glow
Dream a Little Dream yellow blossom tree branch
Dream a Little Dream
The True North red forest
The True North
White winter forest
One Red Leaf

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