Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miro Video Player 5.0 Released

It took almost one and a half month to release the final version of Miro 5.0 after releasing the release candidate back in March 2012. We looked at version 5 of the Miro media player back then, and noted that the developers had added several new features in the new version of the program.
Miro at its core is a media player that combines local playback support with remote features. These remote features make it interesting, as it allows you for instance to watch YouTube videos directly in the player, download those videos, subscribe to podcasts, or download torrents.
That's a lot of functionality packed into a cross-platform program, and while it may look like overkill to some, others may find that Miro is exactly the program they have been looking for when it comes to managing and playing media.
media player miro 5.0
No new features have been added since the release of the first release candidate of Miro 5. Existing users who upgrade to the new version find the following new features now integrated into the application:
  • Album art and song information lookup – Retrieve information about songs and artists from the Internet, use it to clean up the music collection (using Echonest and 7Digital)
  • Album view – A new view mode that groups songs by album or artist
  • Faster device syncing and conversions – The new quick fill option gets music faster on devices that you connect to your PC. Miro 5 furthermore supports automatic synchronizations, and options to convert media only when necessary
  • Download Vimeo HD videos from feeds
  • Update to the Windows backend
  • eMusic added to the store section
Miro users who prefer not to use the online lookup option for new audio files, can disable it under File > Preferences > General > Automatically run online lookup for any new audio files that I add to Miro. Here it is also possible to remove existing lookup data.
remove lookup audio

Closing Words

Miro 5 continues where the other versions have left of. Especially the new audio lookup options improve the media player for users who have added music to it. If you are looking for a media player that can do it all, you may want to take Miro 5 for a test run.
Windows users should monitor the installation carefully, as they may end up with the AVG Toolbar otherwise installed on their system.  At the time of writing, a click on No Thanks bypasses the installation.

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