Monday, September 13, 2010

Children’s book about Syd Barrett in the works

The Day Goes By (
is a work-in-progress children's book written by Anna Cooper, focused on a day
in the life of Syd Barrett. The story combines the whimsy that was ever-present
in Syd's songs, as well as the struggle that comes from having too many
possibilities from which to choose; a situation that both children and adults
can relate to .After Syd passed away in July 2006, his sister Rosemary Breen set
up the Syd Barrett Fund with profits from Syd's estate to raise money for the
organization. It seems Rosemary loved the book and she is supportive of getting
it published. She has spoken in interviews about her brother's own fascination
with children's stories and fantasy, and believes this book would be a wonderful
way of honouring his memory . Word is spreading about this book, and initially,
you can find out more info, and see some of the artwork, here (

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