Friday, March 30, 2012

Clockwork Angels Listening Party - "Headlong Flight"

Clockwork Angels Listening Party - "Headlong Flight":
UPDATE: Headlong Flight will reportedly be the first single and a 5.5-minute edit hit radio on April 19th. - Thanks to Ed @ RushIsABand for the headsup!

On Tuesday, March 27th, Roadrunner Records hosted a listening party where they premiered Clockwork Angels in its entirety for journalists and industry executives.  One of those in attendance was XM Radio's Lou Brutus, who today Tweeted:
"In studio right now w/Mark from Roadrunner listening to new tune from @RushIsABand called "Headlong Flight." It's awesome. #ByTorIsASnowDog"
In addition, two tweets from Dominic Nardella (program director at 92.3 in Cleveland) who Tweeted:
"Just heard new Rush song "Headlong Flight" ..... Holy Fucking Shit!!!!! 7 and a half minutes of pure genius!!!!!!"
- Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

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