Wednesday, March 21, 2012

David Gilmour track included in Wilfred Owen musical

Bullets and Daffodils (, a touring version of Dean Johnson's Wilfred Owen musical, opens this week in the UK. Liverpool icon and satirist John Gorman has written and directed this new version, and amongst the other contributors to the production is David Gilmour. David has granted permission for one of his solo recordings to be used as part of the show’s score.Dean said, Mr Gilmour wanted to do everything he could do to help and sanctioned the track There's No Way Out Of Here gratis and waivering the licence and publishing fees, so it was in every sense a donation. Commenting on what drew him to the project, Mr Gorman said, Wilfred Owen died a week before the end of the First World War: the war to end all wars. Owen's poems demonstrate the gruesome awfulness that happened to these men through no fault of their own. Dean brings to the foreground the message that the war is not a good thing, which I'm behind 100%. A special preview of Bullets And Daffodils takes place at Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton on 8 March, and the flyer to the right gives details of where and when you can catch it elsewhere in the UK.UPDATE: The producers have kindly sent over a video showing the section of the musical which includes David's track:rD7mumigWNE
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