Friday, March 16, 2012

Google+ integrated into YouTube

Google+ integrated into YouTube: Google+ integrated into YouTubeIf you are looking to sign up for a YouTube account, Google has made it easier to create the account, by using your Google+ social networking account.

Says YouTube: "Today we're adding a feature that lets you sign up for a new YouTube channel using your existing Google+ profile. You can now use your Google+ profile name and photo on a new YouTube channel, giving you one consistent identity across platforms when uploading videos, sharing, commenting and other public activities."

Google has said it plans to integrate all of the company's services with Google+, adding a social layer to applications and services hundreds of millions use every week.

If you still prefer to stay anonymous, you of course have the option to choose a regular username on YouTube.

However, if you have a login already, and a Google+ account, the integration is default.

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