Thursday, March 8, 2012

The sky’s ablaze wit h light tonight (Pho tos)

The sky’s ablaze with light tonight

via Flickr Blog by Kay Kremerskothen on 3/8/12

Northern lights Iceland
Beautiful night IMG_4528 IMG_7603_5DmkII

Northern Light Kalispell
Multiple-wavelength View of X5.4 Solar FlareMassive solar storms, as clearly visible on the NASA Goddard Photo and Video‘s photo on the left, are sparking intense Northern Lights displays for skywatchers at high latitudes since yesterday. They are reported to be visible again tonight, as a wave of charged particles reaches Earth. You can find even more photos in our Aurora Borealis search with more pictures from last night.

And if you like space things… the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition just opened the group for your entries.

Photos from olgeir, Nigel Fearon, *Jonina*, IGORA90, secondaryreality, Antti N, Ryan Liem-Salim, and NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

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