Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rush To Appear On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone!

Rush To Appear On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone!:
According to a source from Rolling Stone magazine, RUSH will finally appear on the cover of the Rolling Stone!  Still riding high on the popularity generated from Beyond The Lighted Stage and the Time Machine Tour, the magazine has taken this opportunity to showcase RUSH with their first ever cover feature in support of the release of Clockwork Angels.

The magazine, which includes the feature story "Clockwork Excellence: Canucks Still Ticking After Nearly 40 Years", will also reportedly include an extensive collection of photos taken at Revolution Recording in Toronto, as well as a feature covering the band's history with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The source confirmed that RUSH will be featured in the April 21st, 2012 issue, and provided this working copy of the cover (click here for a high resolution image) with the promise that that will be updated soon with a story excerpt and photo gallery.

Although the Rolling Stone has not always appeared friendly towards RUSH, this trend began to turn when support for the band was provided in 2008 with their feature story "Rush Never Sleeps", and the followup online feature "Rush vs. Rolling Stone: A Qualitative Analysis".

The Rolling Stone has also reached out to others in the Rush community to share the news, including Ed Stenger and John Patuto at and, leading me to believe that this is the start of the Clockwork Angels media storm which we will see over the next few months.

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